Unless you become like a little child


The atheist’s biggest gamble is that there is no heaven, or hell. The Catholic philosopher Blaise Pascal expressed it as exactly that, a wager. This seemed to me a cynical view, back when I was an atheist. But Pascal wasn’t being cynical. He had atheist friends, no doubt — the 17th Century was full of them — and he wanted to give them a sound argument why they should at least allow for the existence of God. The person of faith who bets wrong loses nothing; the atheist who bets wrong loses everything. Seems simple enough.

The more sophisticated we get, the harder it is to see simple truths. That’s why Jesus said we have to become like children. Children get the whole heaven-and-hell arrangement. This is not, as sophisticated people say, because children understand only a crude system of rewards and punishments. One of the first things children learn is compromise. Toddlers who can’t talk know that if one of them takes all the blocks, no one else can play.

No, children get heaven and hell because right and wrong are truths, not just the results of cultural conditioning.  And children have an easier time seeing the truth.  So, for anyone who hasn’t heard a simple explanation of the subject, please consider the following, written by my daughter Caroline (age 9) entirely on her own initiative. My only input was to suggest the reconjugating of two verbs and the addition of a preposition. If you have any questions, go find a child to answer them.

Heaven is a place where people do what God says and listen to God. But not just that, people who speak the word of God and who go to church every Sunday and some other days. Like my grandmother but she died, but she went to church every single day. And Heaven is the best place EVER!!!!!! Unlike, somewhere else is the worst place ever. And the deadliest creature not a person, and his name is Satan. Satan or what we call him is “The Devil”. Anyway, Satan used to be an archangel named Lucifer. But I have no clue why he turned away from God. But the best part about going to Heaven is all of the people in Heaven. Like, um…
the three archangels who’s names are St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael. They mean A LOT to me. I am going to tell you what the three archangels do:
Michael guards, Gabriel announces, and Raphael guides. How do I know? Because I listen to the saint of the day. Another REALLY important person is one of my FAVORITES, and her name is Mary. she is really called “The Blessed Virgin Mary” but we call her Mary for short. And if you haven’t heard of Jesus, well, think again, you have actually already heard of him! Why is that? Because Jesus is God. When Mary was born with Jesus, God just transformed himself into a baby boy. When Jesus was around 12 he was in a temple teaching to these grown up men. And since Jesus knows everything and can do everything, he knew A LOT more then the grown up men did. But Mary married Joseph, they lost Jesus in the temple where he was teaching. But of course, they eventually found him. Anyway, when Jesus was like 30 or something these people thought that they had enough of Jesus’ “stupid” teaching and decided to kill him so they did and when Mary saw her only son on the cross nailed, she began to start crying and everyone else probably did, too. But, the moment Jesus died, to the devil, it felt like an explosion happening no where else except for you. The Devil was hoping the opposite happened that The Devil would rule the universe but his evil plan backfired.

So always remember, that any time you see jesus on a cross, remember the words I just told you :
That the divil got driven out of The Earth along with the demons. And, that if God hadn’t died for us, we would’ve been in big trouble.