A modern, enlightened view of sex


I for one wish the gay debate was a little gayer, in the old sense of word. It’s hard to have a conversation about it without people getting their backs up. But look, folks, we live in a world of moral drift, sort of like first century Corinth. In fact a lot like first century Corinth. If you want a serious Christian commentary about our world, you know where to look.

But certainly we have advanced from those ancient, unenlightened times. For example, take our advanced, enlightened understanding of sex. The ancient Corinthians had an all-embracing (literally!), anything-goes attitude about sex, which they felt somehow engaged some kind of spiritual energies and rendered people mystically complete and fully actualized. We have departed from this primitive and superstitious attitude and advanced to the point where we have an all-embracing, anything-goes . . .

Let me come at this from a different direction. We modern people know what sex is for. It’s for releasing your inhibitions and thumbing your nose at all the brooding forces of disapproval that frown down on us, from places like Hollywood . . . okay, bad example. How about the brooding forces of disapproval in organized religion . . . but then there’s the Anglicans, Episcopalians, United Church of Christ, Reform Judaism . . . okay, then, the brooding forces of disapproval in the government and the courts . . . say, can someone send me a link to some brooding forces of disapproval we can rebel against?

Let me try it this way. We are just more grown-up about sex than people used to be, people like our parents. They had such limited views, like, you should have sex only within a marriage relationship. Ridiculous! I remember being a teenager, and let me tell you, there was nothing that glowed so enticingly as the idea of sex. That’s pretty much all I had, just the idea (thanks a lot, Mom and Dad!), but every teenager knows how gosh darn much fun sex must be. Wow! Think of all the, well, options! I mean, let an 18-year-old boy loose, and what in the world might result! That’s the kind of grown-up sexual culture we have now, thank goodness: the kind I wanted when I was 18 and my parents wouldn’t let me have! Let’s hear it for our mature, grown-up attitude about sex! Let’s hear it for . . . um . . .

Anyhow, we’ve at least learned how to be tolerant. Remember tolerance! That’s the belief that the moral views of all people are entitled to equal weight. Well almost all people. Of course, you don’t have to be tolerant towards people who disagree with you. Especially about sex. THEY have to be tolerant towards YOU. That’s real tolerance. At least we have that.

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