Thanks for visiting my blog. I was once an atheist, so I know the kind of sense atheism seems to make. Then I woke up to reality, and I still find myself amazed at how little sense atheism actually makes. The atheist is a person of a certain “faith” — not in the Gospel sense, but in the sense of asserting things without considering the bases for believing them. I truly lost my faith in atheism, not by attending church, or going on retreats, but by studying logic.
This blog is an invitation. Let’s do logic, with religion as the object of the study.
One important clarification. Some of the material on this blog might suggest that I think all religions are equal. I don’t, and they aren’t. I am a Catholic. That means I am a member of the fellowship of Jesus Christ, following the leadership of the church founded by Him, bound by the Gospel and the teaching and traditions of the apostles and the Church Fathers, living feebly but with determination the one true faith. I believe the greatest threat to our souls is the philosophical materialism that broods over the modern world. In this blog, I attack that philosophy. I do not attack those who hold it. Welcome.

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  1. Lawnmower says:

    momoya here. Nice looking blog, I must say; very uncluttered and “sharp.”

    I have looked over your recent, well-written posts and have found quite a few incorrect assumptions and instances of faulty reasoning. I hope that you contact me for a friendly, measured discussion on the nature of disbelief and the misunderstanding of that agnostic atheist position. I have several suggestions on how we might conduct our discussion and would welcome any ideas from you.

    Swalerow (momoya)

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